Mouth guards for Kalamazoo College

Dr. Allen is a proud alumni of the K College football program, and each year our team looks forward to providing mouth guards to the Kalamazoo College football team.  Drs. Allen and Harris, assistants Sarah, Amy, and Karna, and Dr. Allen’s rugby players Manny and Ivan all helped take impressions and make custom mouth guards for Kalamazoo College players.


Dr. Allen making mouth guards at Kalamazoo College

Mouth guards are important in reducing the risk of sports-related dental injuries.  Studies show that athletes of all ages, genders, and skill are at risk of dental injuries, whether participating at a recreational or competitive level. While certain sports such as boxing and rugby have more obvious injury risk, dental injuries are also prevalent in non-contact and limited-contact sports.

There are different types of mouth guards which vary in cost, comfort, efficacy, and adaptability.  Stock mouth guards are typically the cheapest and most readily-available.  Because they are available in limited sizes and are not adaptable to the athlete’s mouth, they are considered the least effective type of mouth guard. Boil-and-bite mouth guards are readily available at most sporting goods stores and are designed to soften when placed in boiling water, then adapted to the athlete’s mouth with bite pressure and manual manipulation.  Custom mouth guards are fabricated in a dental office using impressions taken of the athlete’s mouth.  They are the most effective due to the custom fit.  They are generally thought to be the most expensive, but our office is happy to make mouth guards that often beat the cost of a generic guard bought in the store.  Regardless of the type of mouth guard, the most important feature is that it is worn!

We wish the players of the K College Hornets a successful season!  Their schedule can be found here

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