Is there such thing as an Emergency Dentist in Kalamazoo? The short answer is “not technically,” at least not in the same way as there is an emergency room for medical emergencies.  But dental emergencies certainly arise and can call for immediate attention.

Most people seem to know when to seek emergency medical attention, but are less clear about when to seek emergency dental attention.  What are some situations that would warrant seeking an emergency dentist in Kalamazoo?


A tooth that gets displaced or fractured during an accident should be seen by an emergency dentist in Kalamazoo right away.  This may happen during contact sports, and mouth guards can help prevent these types of injuries.


You should be treated by an emergency dentist without delay if you have an infection in your mouth that causes swelling around your jawline or under your mouth.  Certain infections like cold sores or gingivitis require dental care, but do not constitute a dental emergency.

Fractures and infections are the most serious dental emergencies, but what about pain and sensitivity?  Sometimes infections in a tooth can cause such severe pain that it prevents a good night’s sleep and does not respond to over-the-counter medications.  Contact a dentist right away, as the tooth needs to be treated as soon as possible.  Other times, the pain might be more of a sensitivity, perhaps to hot, cold, or sweets.  These situations will need to be treated, but do not constitute an emergency.

Remember that many conditions can be found and conservatively treated in the early stages. It is important to visit your dentist regularly in order to avoid most dental emergencies.

Our office is happy to serve as one of the emergency dentists in Kalamazoo.  Often we are able to see patients same-day.  Our contact information can be found at