Should I get adult braces? That is the question many adults ask themselves today. Orthodontic braces were historically associated with teenagers but today, an increasing number of adults are choosing to wear braces to straighten their teeth and correct malocclusions (bad bites). In fact, it is now estimated that almost one third of all current orthodontic patients are adults.

Can Adults Benefit from Orthodontic Braces?

Absolutely! Crooked or misaligned teeth look unsightly, which in many cases leads to poor self esteem and a lack of self confidence. Aside from poor aesthetics, improperly aligned teeth can also cause difficulties biting, chewing and articulating clearly. Generally speaking, straight teeth tend to be healthier teeth.

Straight teeth offer a multitude of health and dental benefits including:

  • Straight teeth can give a reduction in general tooth decay
  • Peridontal disease is less likely to develop in those who have straight teeth.
  • Decreased likelihood of tooth injury
  • Reduction in digestive disorders

Fortunately, braces have been adapted and modified to make them more convenient for adults. There are now a wide range of fixed and removable orthodontic devices available, depending on the precise classification of the malocclusion (bad bites).

What are my Options?

The following are the most common options for adults:

6 Month Smiles® – With the 6 Month Smile® system, you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of in just 6 months! The brackets and wire are tooth-colored so they are not readily visible. Once the brackets are placed, you would visit us every month until treatment is completed.

Invisalign® – Invisalign aligners are both removable and invisible to onlookers. Invisalign® aligners are clear trays, and should be worn for the recommended amount of time each day for the quickest results. Invisalign® aligners are more comfortable and less obtrusive than traditional braces.

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